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Apr. 15th, 2012 01:45 pm
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This is an HMD.
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Contact: You can reach me at tetradecimal at, or through AIM as Tetravolte. I'm generally on from 7AM EST to 10PM EST.

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Character Logs A-F | Character Logs G-L | Character Logs M-R | Character Logs S-Z

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Character Logs A-F | Character Logs G-L | Character Logs M-R | Character Logs S-Z

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Character Logs A-F | Character Logs G-L | Character Logs M-R | Character Logs S-Z

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Character Logs A-F | Character Logs G-L | Character Logs M-R | Character Logs S-Z

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  • 2072 A.D. Mars colony construction started.
  • 2272 A.D. (approx) A seven-legged insect is found on Mars and revived. A microorganism is found inside its body; it produces plantlike ovules. Around this time, a 300 year old immortal woman named Reload is found, with the ability to create pollen-like particles (the reverse-morphic polymer). Experiments to fertilize the ovules with the pollen conducted.
  • 2272 A.D. Drone Hazard incident on Mars.
  • 2472 A.D. (approx) Nialdi is born.
  • 2279 A.D. Founding of Microvolt Corporation, future DRF
  • 2820 A.D. Lief, Kozlov's father and head of Microvolt, disappears.
  • 3005 A.D. DRF mounts first manned flight to Mars in 700 years.
  • 3006 A.D. six months later, Zouichi encounters Eon Green, a day (28 hours) after the DRF's vessel returns to earth. 24 hours later, N5S spreads to all regions of Earth.
  • 3006 A.D., Feb. 26 Toua Heavy Industries is destroyed.

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Nov. 21st, 2011 11:16 pm
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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Kanoe Zouichi
RPG: Trans_9

.hurt..guilty..bored..laughing. love.

Snag yourself the coding here.
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Your Name: Tetradecimal
OOC Journal:
Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: No.
Email + IM: tetradecimal (at) pandemona (dot) net
Characters Played at Ataraxion: N/A

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[ooc note: Zouichi is obviously not telling the medics EVERYTHING.]
Name: Kanoe Zouichi Age: 1 year Sex: male Height: 5'10"/178 cm Weight: 143lbs/65kg (without armor)
[ ] Magical by nature/practices magic. [ ] Can't have magic used on. [ ] Contagious (see notes).
Average Lifespan: Unknown (See file.) Rate of Maturity: N/A (See file.) Average age of Puberty: N/A

Normal Diet: Normal human diet. Nutritional needs extremely minimal; patient has stated he can survive for up to five years on small amounts of water.

Common Ailments: Blunt force trauma, burns, lacerations, puncture wounds, poisons. No naturally occurring health issues.

Specific Notes: Healing factor addresses severe injury in a matter of days. Known bacterial and virus infections, poisons, and foreign substances are quickly neutralized. Extremely high pain tolerance.
All of the following sense-related questions are to be answered in comparison to an average Homo sapiens. Ask your medical provider for assistance in answering this section.
Blood Pressure: [ ] Average | [ ] Low | [x] High
Vision: [x] Fine | [ ] Near Sighted | [ ] Far Sighted | [x] Enhanced
If Enhanced, further explain: Patient possesses visual enhancements giving him above-human visual acuity.
Hearing: [ ] Deaf | [ ] Low | [ ] Average | [x] High Range | [x] Low Range | [x] Extremely Sensitive
If necessary, further explain: Patient can detect sounds at frequencies above and below average human hearing, claims to be capable of identifying make and model of conventional weapons fire from several kilometers away.
Smell: [ ] Cannot Smell | [ ] Low | [ ] Average | [x] High | [ ] Extremely Sensitive
If Extremely Sensitive, further explain:
Known Allergies: N/A

Are there any potential complications with healing processes we should be aware of when treating you?: See file.
Do you have a healing factor different from the average for your species? If so, explain how here: No.

Have you recently been screened for species, sex, and age specific cancer risks?: No.

Special notes on care: Patient's biological systems are closely integrated with cybernetic systems. Significant divergence from human internal structure. Details [here].

Record of Past Injuries: [incredibly long and exhaustive injury list follows]

Ship Health Records: No injuries reported, minor or major.

Psychological notes:
Will correct health professional if referred to as 'human'.
May refuse medical treatment. Claims to prefer healing 'on his own'.
Date of Last Menses/Estrus/Equiv (skip if n/a):
Have you ever been sexually active?: No.
Are you currently Sexually Active: No.
Have you recently been screened for STIs?: No.

Species specific sexually related health notes and/or issues: N/A
Are you or should you be on any prescribed medication? If so, list below:

Have you taken any recreational or non-prescribed drugs or substances in the past? Is so, please list them and their frequency of use below: No.

Do you currently take any recreational or non-prescribed drugs or substances? Is so, please list them and their frequency of use below: No.

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Contact Information
AIM: Tetravolte
Email: tetradecimal at pandemona dot net


This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character) activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.

Backtagging: Yes, but please let me know if it's going to go on for more than a few weeks so I'll know to plan for it.
Threadhopping: Yes, within reason. No taking over posts, please!
Fourthwalling: Yes
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Ask if in doubt


This is the permissions list for IC (in-character) activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired. With IC permissions, it's a good idea to elaborate on what other players can expect from your character if they choose to do any of the following:

Hugging this character: Yes
Kissing this character: Yes
Flirting with this character: Yes
Fighting with this character: Yes
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Ask first
Killing this character: Ask first
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Mindreading is okay, ask first about mind control or anything like that

Warnings: Zouichi comes from a rather violent canon and isn't particularly delicate when it comes to taking down targets. Maiming, explosions, and general death may occur!

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Zouichi is working on teaching Alan some basic commands!

...yes, he is training his parrot.

: matte
Okay/resume: yoshi
Come: oide
Shake: ote (Alan will present one of his feet); okawari (Alan will present the other foot)
Lie down: fuse (Alan will flop forward onto his stomach)
Back off/stand aside: sagare
No/stop: dame
Go to [location]: pointing + ike
Go (no specified location): tobe
Bring it: tottekoi
Take it: totteike

Susono Inn

May. 7th, 2011 10:18 pm
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Visitors reach the gate of the inn by walking up a set of shallow stone stairs ringed by trees. The spaces between the stairs have been accumulating fallen leaves and weeds here and there due to neglect, but they're still perfectly serviceable and Zouichi has been working on getting them back into shape. Inside the gate, the entrance of the inn is actually located in a small courtyard with a number of flowering trees, some plum, some cherry. When they bloom, they're lovely, but the petals do get everywhere. The trees are backlit so they can be viewed even at night.

The tatami rooms are set up in a fairly standard layout, simply decorated with futons provided for the guests, each of which look out into the gardens or courtyard. There are raised wooden walkways around the different parts of the hotel. The inn sports single-gender outdoor hot springs, separated by a partition, which can be reached using these walkways.

There's also a garden in the middle of the structure, around which the inn appears to have been built. It's partially shaded by trees, and an old wisteria plant seems to have grown up one of the walls. There's pond at the center of the garden with still, mirror-black water and unlit stone lanterns dot the stone walkway.

Many of the inn's doors are the sliding paper-kind, but there are also a fair number of the wooden, hinged sort. Some of the doors are padlocked; it's not clear where all the keys are. And a few are tiny, half the height of an ordinary door, requiring anyone who uses it to stoop down in order to pass. Zouichi has not yet figured out how to get to the inn's attic.

The inn is OOC canonly named after Susono Musubi, the protagonist from Noise.

Note: Maps aren't completely to scale, but WHATEVER CLOSE ENOUGH


1. Foyer and Hallway: The foyer has some shallow steps that lead up to the rest of the first floor. There is plenty of room to put aside your shoes. The hallway itself is made of polished wood laid lengthwise. There is a set of double doors that lead outside, located at the end of the hall
2. Unused: A large room with high-set windows that look into the garden. There is a padlocked door at one end of the room; the lock has an engraving of a Dianthus on it. The storage room (4) on the other side of the hall has no corresponding door, so the existence of a small additional room (3) is almost certain.
3. Locked Room: Conjectured.
4. Storage Room: A small, unused room for storage.
5. Kitchen: Has kitcheny things in it, such as pots/pans, nonperishable foods, tea, etc. In the back of the kitchen is a flight of stairs that leads to the second floor.
6. Storeroom: A storeroom containing various useful items: lanterns, additional kitchen supplies, chests, etc.
7. Garden Hallway: A hallway that opens up into the garden, as well as the walkway to the hot springs. Light filters in through the double doors that lead outside.
8. Unused: A partitioned room that leads to the rear hallway.
9. Bathroom: What it says on the tin, complete with multiple sinks!
10. Clock Hallway: A hallway with an old grandfather clock at one end. There is a door to another room (13), but it is latched from the inside.
11. Window Hallway: A long, windowed hallway through which sunlight can filter through. There is a flight of stairs on each end.
12. Hidden Room: The entrance to this room is hidden by a large, heavy step tansu. When this is pushed aside, the doors to the room become visible. Once moved, the tansu can be used as stairs to reach a hidden room on the second floor, which is otherwise inaccessible.
13. Partitioned Room: A room containing multiple sliding doors. The door to the Clock Hallway (10) can be unlatched from this side. In addition, it is possible to note the discrepancy in the width of different sections of the room, suggesting the existence of another hidden room.
14. Hidden Room: A single window in the room, when viewed from outside, suggests the existence of this room. There is only a single, small door into (14), accessible from the Hidden Passage (15).
15. Hidden Passage: A narrow secret passageway hidden in the wall in part of the Great Hall (17). It leads to a hidden room (14).
16. Garden: A garden with a pond, large wisteria vines crawling up along the upper-left corner, trees, and stone lanterns that can be lit in the nighttime. A wooden walkway leads around the length of the garden, with steps that lead down.
17. Great Hall: A large room with muliple sections, partitioned with sliding doors. There is a secret passage (15) hidden in one of the walls.
18. Hot Springs: Separate hot springs for male and female guests. Stone steps lead down to the water on both sides.


1. Rear Hallway: A hallway that connects to the Common Room (9), and rooms R01-R04, as well as the two flights from the Rear Hallway on the first floor. It does NOT connect to the Hidden Room (7).
2. Unused: A large, unused room.
3. Front Hallway: This hallway connects to the kitchen stairs, the Library (4), and rooms R05-R10.
4. Library: A medium-sized library, with a large square sofa. It is very comfy. There is a lock on the door with a Wisteria design.
5. Sunroom: A wide open room with large windows that allow sunlight to stream in.
6. Back Room: A small room that can be reached from the hidden room (7). Currently unused.
7. Hidden Room: This room can only be accessed using the step tansu from the first floor.
8. Stairs to Attic: A small door leads to this room from the landing of the hidden room (7). There is a lock with a Bellflower design on the door.
9. Common Room: A large room with a number of chairs and small tables. A guest can open the sliding doors to access a balcony that looks out into the garden.
10. Storage Room: A small storage room.

In addition, the second floor contains the following rooms for guests:
R03. Howard (Rat)
R06. Jr. (Dog)
R07. Simon (Dragon)
R08. Allenby (Horse)
R10. Kanoe Zouichi (Tiger)

Note: Each of the guest rooms can be unlocked with a key engraved with a design of one of the animals from the zodiac. I didn't define a set order for the keys, so people who can move in can choose their animal.

ROOM ARRANGEMENT (applies to each room)
In general, the rooms are set up with a door at one end that opens into a hallway with a hardwood floor. There's a bathtub/shower at one end (lower right), and two larger rooms, both containing closets/drawers (scribbled on the right, ignore the totally wrong doorknobs -- the closets slide open and closed). One of the rooms opens out into the balcony (upper right). There's also a bathroom, separate from the bath/shower. The doors to the bathroom, the bathtub/shower, and the entrance door are hinged; all others are sliding.

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  1. One (1) motorcycle, awesome.
  2. One coil rifle, (propelled by brain waves, wut)
  3. One axe
  4. One gravity gun -- DO NOT LOSE
  5. Armor
  6. One Horrible Plantsuit (TM)
  7. One telescoping combat baton (thanks, W&P)
  8. One bag for holding stuff
  9. One holographic sphere thingy
  10. Yukata, dark blue
  11. One meido uniform
  12. One onyx pendant
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The How's My Driving? Meme

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Test run

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